Are CBD Cannabis Products Legal

So you just heard about this miracle cure for all products called CBD. You have no idea what this is, how safe it could or couldn’t be to use for your pain and many other medical issues that you read about in magazines at the bookstore. What is all this hype about when it comes to CBD and what the heck is it anyway!

Well, CBD in simple terms is a cannabinol that is found in cultivars of cannabis plants in the world. This type of cannabinol can be found in both marijuana plants and cannabis hemp plants. It is one of the many cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis flowers of the plant. While most of your readers have most likely heard of another cannabinoid THC, this is different from CBD cannabinoids. Cannabidiol (CBD) does not come along with the “high” that is produced with THC cannabis, instead only affecting pain and other medical issues in humans. 

What Does CBD do for you?

Well, that is the cool thing about CBD cannabis products like CBD oil, they can do many things for many people. As more studies come out CBD has been found to help people suffering from mental health issues like anxiety and depression, inflammation related to pain and many other chronic health issues. 

CBD Cannabis Product Legal

If CBD Cannabis Products are Legal Should you Use them?

Well this depends on the condition that you would like to treat, it is first best to do some research to see if CBD has been found to work for your condition. Then it is best to contact a doctor or your family doctor to discuss what they would recommend.

It is important when speaking to your doctor that they have been asked by pharmaceutical companies to push their products over cannabis CBD products. So if you don’t receive a good response from your doctor you can also check with a doctor that is trained in CBD pain treatments.  

Where are CBD cannabis products Legal?

United States

In the United States CBD is now legal in all 50 states. The rule on this is that any cannabis CBD product must be under .03% THC with no limit on CBD amounts in the products. This means that it is legal to buy these types of products in the United States. It is however illegal to sell CBD products in the USA, there is currently only one company in the US that is licensed to sell CBD derived Products. 


CBD products in Canada are legal to use and buy in all provinces. However you must have a permit to sell the products, however customers are free to buy the products and it is completely legal in Canada. Customers can buy THC, CBD products though a licensed distributor also in all Canadian Provinces. CBD products are still strictly regulated and must be sold in compliance with the Cannabis Act in the country. 


In Australia all CBD products are illegal as well as THC products in the country. In Australia they are governed under poisons and are controlled substances under the law. People can however get a prescription for CBD for medical use only. They need to acquire this from an authorized prescriber. 

United Kingdom

This is another place where CBD is legal for customers to buy. It must also meet THC limits in the products but can have any amount of CBD in the product. In order to sell the products people must make a food application to the FSA and this is now a requirement to sell legally there. Both THC and CBD products are also available with a doctor’s prescription.


Here hemp plants are defined as hemp plants under law and must contain under 0.02% THC. CBD is legal all across the EU. They are very accommodating with the use of CBD products. 

Is it legal to Ship or Bring CBD Products into any Country?

Customers of CBD products are not allowed to bring in any forms of cannabis into another country. Even in Canada where the products are legal it is against the law to import them into the country. You can not bring CBD products into the USA as well from Canada and the other way around. If you have CBD products coming from another country you must rid yourself of them before crossing into another country. 

Should CBD Cannabis Products be Legal?

There have been many studies on the safety of CBD and they all say that CBD cannabis products are safe for average human consumption. In our opinion all types of CBD cannabis should be legal as it can be used as a safe and effective medical product. There is no evidence that CBD cannabis has any negative health effects on humans. 

In the United States however the FDA website still states that CBD has the potential to harm you. This is in direct contradiction to a report by the Canadian Science Advisory Committee that states that CBD is “safe and tolerable for short-term use (a maximum of 30 days) with a dose of 20 milligrams per day, to a maximum of 200 mgs per day”. This is for a normal healthy adult Canadian. 

How to Obtain Legal CBD Products

There are many retails that are currently shipping these products to customers. Customers should be aware that these products may not have good descriptions of the amounts of CBD and THC that are listed on the bottles if buying from an unapproved retailer. If the product has not been tested there is really no way to know exactly how little or how much CBD is contained in the product that you are purchasing from the retailer. 

If you are using it for a serious health condition we recommend that you buy from a legal approved retailer to get the best results for your condition. Also users should be aware that it can still be illegal in some places to have CBD products that are not from a licensed retailer such as Canada. 

Final Thoughts

To find out if CBD cannabis products are legal where you live we recommend contacting your local government to ask and get the facts and laws in your area. This can prevent you from getting into trouble with the local law. 

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